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Meditation, the Way to Express Divine Love, My Healing Journey

Born in South Korea, at the age fifteen, I moved to Southern Africa with my mother, two brothers and a sister to join my father in Orapa, Botswana, a diamond mind where he worked. Although we reunited with my father after 9 years of separation, I experienced loneliness of separation from my friends and relatives in Korea as well as difficulty in learning to speak English. Then when I was twenty one my birth family emmigrated to USA but I could not accompany them due to US immigration law and I ended up living in South Africa for 22 years, completing my formal education, building a professional career, getting married, having two children, getting divorced & remarried and finally getting a job offer to relocate to USA with immigration visa for my family.

 My transformation journey began more than 20 years ago in South Africa when I began practicing meditation soon after my youngest brother passed from brain cancer while he was in the US army. I believe that his spiritual energy guided me to meet a Tantric monk who became my yoga & meditation teacher. Within 6 weeks of consistent daily practice, I was able to enter into the blissful state of being enveloped in white light.  Since then I practiced Tantric yoga & meditation daily while raising my family and working full time in the IT industry for more than 10 years. It helped me to cope not only with work stress and challenges of raising a family after a divorce but also to pull through the trauma & grief I experienced soon after reuniting with my birth family in the USA. Every night, I would practice meditation to let go of all stressful thoughts and emotions before going to sleep and every morning I would practice asana followed by meditation to release all fear & tension and was able to start each day with a clean slate. And it was not until when my son left home as soon as he finished high school, his departure was too abrupt, I was heart broken and I found Holistic Yoga & Vision meditation very powerful in restoring my inner peace and decided to receive further training to be an instructor and healer. But despite of all the intensive training I received, I found that my inner peace was in delicate state that had to be maintained through constant Bowing meditation practice which involved rigorous physical movement.

Since then I had the opportunities to learn and practice Transcendental meditation, Brain Wave Vibration, DanMuDo Basic form (Korean Taichi), Emotion Code, Affirmative Prayer, Healing Code, Energy healing meditation and Guided meditation.

 One of the challenges I faced for a long time on this journey had been to be able to see things as they truly are and at the same time to be aware of my own reactive, habitual thoughts & emotions that get triggered whenever certain situations arose. And I found that meditation practice allowed me to go deeper within myself to see the assumptions or preconceptions and beliefs behind those thoughts & emotions, especially the negative ones so that I could discern for the right choice of action in words and deeds.

 Holistic Yoga & Vision meditation, Brain Wave Vibration, DanMuDo Basic form (Korean Taichi) and Bowing meditation practice, like any other moving meditation practice, all offered a great relief from the stresses I was experiencing at that time and helped restoring my inner peace, although it was short lived most of the time. They helped me stay in fairly good physical shape too, however, it was Transcendental meditation that helped me to see that my stress was actually caused by my own reaction to what is happening. My emotions were being triggered and get charged under certain situations over and over again, completely blind to see what is as is. While all the other meditation techniques offered a relief from the emotionally charged state of being, it was not until I learned about Emotion code that I was able to release the underlying trapped emotional trigger that was repeatedly causing me to get upset every time certain situation arose. I was able to release more than 60 trapped emotions over 3 month period using this technique. Well, after all that, it is not to say that I no longer get upset but I can say that I am no longer triggered unconsciously and this means that I am now fully aware of myself when things do upset me but I have full control over that emotional energy within myself to express it in any way I consciously choose and this has helped me feel truly empowered and authentic.

 Then I discovered Affirmative prayer and Healing code and created Energy Healing Meditation synthesizing the two healing methods. This technique recognizes and uses the power of spoken word, viz. affirmative prayer and I found it to be a quick simple way to release hurt feelings and restore inner peace. You can access the 12min Video recording of the Energy Healing Meditation here.   Living as human beings, it has been my experience that we carry a great deal of inner selves; that part of us which we are born with (our personalities with our likes & dislikes), that which we have inherited from our ancestors and that which we have absorbed from others and environment.  And in our daily interactions with famiy, friends & coworkers, I found that we say and do things that hurt each other, often unintentionally or unaware, so it is important to release these hurt feelings as and when they arise before they turn into resentment.

 Then I came across a Guided meditation technique that helped me to release those stubborn thought patterns or perceptions that interfered with my inner peace, they were like voices in the head. I immediately recognized its powerful healing effect and its simple way to release potentially all that needed to be healed through guided intentions, commands & affirmations. And what followed was the creation of Holistic Healing Meditation program synthesizing all of the healing & meditation techniques I have experienced to date.   It is delivered in a series of guided meditation sessions to be practiced over 6 week period to enable one to restore inner peace completely under all circumstances so one can live one’s passion with grace and ease. And since then, my meditation practice has shifted from letting go of interfering thoughts to now recognizing who I am, why I am here, and envisioning & affirming what I choose to create. And I found that it helps to ask for divine guidance and this allows intuitive thoughts to emerge. I found that all meditation practice is healing because it helps to create space within to see oneself as one really is at any given time and to embrace oneself in divine loving attention and this in turn allows one to be able to hold that space for others as well.

Through this blog, my intention was to give the reader an overview of the different meditation practices as I experienced them at different stage of my transformation journey to date and also to serve as a back ground information for the participants of the 6 week Holistic Healing Meditation Program.   More specific details of each meditation practices mentioned here are described in the Appendix in the HHM Program Guide.

Looking back now, my goal of meditation has been and will continues to be and that is to be able to focus my attention on whatever I consciously choose so I can consciously express divine love & compassion for myself and others. And it is my view that if and when one can relinquish all that causes uneasiness within oneself with what is, so that one can be fully present in each moment as we live each day, then every day living becomes daily meditation itself by expressing divine love in each present moment in our own unique way.


Kyung Sun Yi-O'Kelly

Your Partner in Our Healing Journey



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