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Heart of Gold or Stone?

There is a view that we inherit our basic nature from our ancestors where the two hearts of our parents are uniquely combined into one and this is often likened to the two halves of their hearts.


Another view is that we all have a Golden heart and a Stone heart. The Golden heart represents all that is good in human nature; such as generosity, kindness, gentleness, loving, caring, and warmth while the Stone heart represents all that is not so good; such as controlling, unkindness, harshness, hating, uncaring, and coldness.


We may be open to the idea that the Golden heart displays the divine human nature while the Stone heart exhibits beastly human nature that get triggered under the perceived threat. For many people, the heart of Gold prevails most of the time but the Stone heart is triggered when the fear kicks in, while for some others, the Golden heart is hidden mostly, if not permanently, by the Stone heart. This domination of the Stone heart may well have resulted from the negative life experiences in the past, and in the extreme cases, the Stone heart of vindictiveness may prevail. And it is up to us to turn that negative life experiences to overcome it or at least, keep it under control.

We may also be open to the idea that the Golden heart breeds actions that foster positive emotions like pure love, joy, peace and compassion while the Stone heart breeds actions that foster fearful emotions like jealousy & envy, resentment & hatred, and vindictiveness. However, arising from our uniqueness, we may also notice that those actions that foster the positive emotions in one person may not always foster positive emotions in others, in fact, more often than not, they may be misinterpreted or misunderstood and invite unintended consequences that may trigger fear in others.


Thus, the self healing journey is about becoming our own hero in conquering the Stone heart within us, restoring the Golden heart while being aware of the uniqueness in everyone. Others may inspire us or influence us but ultimately we all have to do it ourselves.


No matter the origin of the Stone heart, it is up to us to overcome it, and we can do it with the help of our own Golden heart.




Kyung Yi-O'Kelly

Your Partner in Our Healing Journey


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