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Kyung S. Yi-O'Kelly

Certified Dahn (Energy) Healer and Holistic Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

With more than 25 years of yoga & meditation practice, Kyung has been practicing as a professional healer & instructor since 2009, helping courageous individuals through holistic healing principles using techniques from holistic fitness classes to private healing & coaching sessions consisting of stretching exercises, deep relaxation, breathing and meditation. From this well rounded practice, numerous people, both young and old have experienced healing of general pain & discomfort, including

back/neck/shoulder stiffness, depression and anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, and numerous other symptoms. In 2015, Kyung created Holistic Healing Meditation Program, a series of guided meditations, designed to help those who are seeking ways to let go of the limiting beliefs, memories and perceptions in creating a dream life for oneself while at the same time envisioning a world where everyone thrives.

Below is her story. 

Born in South Korea, at the age fifteen, I moved to Southern Africa with my mother, two brothers and a sister to join my father in Orapa, Botswana, a diamond mind where he worked. Although we reunited with my father after 9 years of separation, I experienced loneliness of separation from my friends and relatives in Korea as well as difficulty in learning to speak English. Then when I was twenty one my birth family emigrated to USA but I could not accompany them due to US immigration law and I ended up living in South Africa for 22 years, building a professional career, getting married, having two children, getting divorced & remarried and finally getting a job offer to relocate to USA with immigration visa for my family.

Although I had to overcome many obstacles along the way, not the least of which was the racial barrier to both employment and marriage, which was endemic to the apartheid system, fortunately I was rewarded scholarships from the university to complete my formal education. Eventually the marriage law did change and I was able to get married and obtain a full time employment with a prestigious mining company where I worked for more than 7 years.

My own transformation journey began more than twenty years ago in South Africa, soon after my youngest brother passed from brain cancer, while serving in the US military. I believe that it was my brother’s spiritual energy that guided me to meet Dada Shivesh Ananda who was to be my acharya, yoga and meditation teacher. I continued to study and practice yoga & meditation while raising my family and working full time for a consulting firm.  

Then following a remarkable series of events lead to a job offer with the opportunity to immigrate with my family to the USA where I reunited with my parents and my sister after 16 years of separation. However, the pleasure of being together with my parents was short lived as six weeks after we arrived in the USA my father passed away quite suddenly. And then my mother and remaining brother passed tragically two years later. 

During this period, I worked under extreme pressure, as a software consultant, traveling on assignments all over the country, only spending weekends at home and living in hotels during the week. I had coped through all of the tragic losses and related life challenges by practicing yoga & meditation daily, but the final call to become a healer really came soon after my son left home as soon as he finished high school, his departure was too abrupt and I was heart broken. It was at this time that I found Holistic (Dahn) Yoga to be a powerful way to release stress & refresh energy and to rejuvenate senses, and so became a certified healer and instructor in Holistic Yoga & Brain Education over several years of intensive training that followed. 

While all the training I received, offered intensive healing and understanding that my true self is the pure essence of divine energy and spirit that is present in every being, I still found that the inner peace attained through daily practice of yoga & meditation was short lived. Then I realized that our healing journey is about being aware of that which is alive within us at any given time; the thoughts, emotions and beliefs & perceptions behind those thoughts & emotions, especially those that do not serve us so we can consciously choose to embrace it and heal it to release and let it go so that we become more receptive to divine insights & wisdom so that intuitive thoughts can emerge. Being aware of what is alive within us is important because we carry all that we are born with (we call them personalities with likes & dislikes) and that we have inherited from our ancestors as well as that we have absorbed from other people, society and our environment as our inner selves. I have experienced tragedy in my birth family and have traveled and lived in many different places around the world and this has been my experience.

Then my healing journey became Our Healing Journey because we are all in the same boat called Earth with the desire to create paradise on Earth in each of our own unique way but the breakthrough to the realization that our reality of separation is actually an illusion, that our true self is the pure essence that is perfect in pure peace, pure joy and pure love light, and that life is beautiful & good when we are willing and able to experience and appreciate it to be so, only came to me many years later after working as a professional healer & instructor for a number of years. 

As I continue this work to recognize and expand the divine light & energy within myself and others and sharing it at the same time, I found that it helps to create space within our bodies and mind through the practice of yoga and meditation in order to become aware of that which is alive within us at any given time . Thereby empowering ourselves to choose how we feel and respond rather than reacting from the unconscious patterns of thought and emotions that beset us all.  

And the realization that the source of most of our thoughts, words and actions were rarely from divine insights & wisdom but were actually from the beliefs, expectations, perceptions or attitudes of our inner selves, including trapped emotions, lead to the creation of the Holistic Healing Meditation Program (HHMP). Combined with Holistic Yoga Program, the HHMP offers powerful ways to allow oneself to release and surrender those trapped emotions and negative thought patterns that are not serving us, into the light of divine love & compassion, and allow the divine insights & wisdom to emerge along with intuition and creativity. It is a result of bringing together 20+ years of my life experience, synthesizing different meditation & healing techniques learned over the course of my journey of self-healing & transformation to date.

With Holistic Yoga & Healing Meditation Programs, I believe we can live our dreams with no fear or stress but instead through conscious choices for fun and joyful creation, and to express our divine love & compassion for oneself and others in our own unique way. And for me, this means; no more winning or losing but instead expressing creativity while giving and receiving, no more submission or condemnation but instead acknowledging what is with respect and allowance, but most importantly, no more prolonged anger & frustration or hatred but instead abundant love, understanding & compassion for myself and others!

My pride and joy is in helping & serving amazing and courageous individuals to restore their inner peace, joy, love, wisdom and power to recover their health & vitality and realize their dreams. 

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Kyung S. Yi-O'Kelly

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