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~ Testimonials ~

Kyung helped me get rid of anxiety and sleeplessness through meditations. I was suffering with anxiety that would last a week at a time, bringing on severe panic attacks which these meditations were able to calm down. Thank you!

~ AJ Le Baron, Austin, TX

  • It was an amazing class with Kyung. The tension is simply melting away and I feel incredibly focused for the day. I highly recommend more people work with her program.

~ Stephen Cunningham, Austin, TX

"I stumbled across Kyung on social media trying to find someone to help me with my anxiety. I have always suffered with it all my life, but with the stresses of life as an adult, it almost brought me to a breaking point. I have always been opposed to using pharmaceuticals as a fix for my anxiety and have managed to cope with it because of my social network and family, but after moving to Austin from CA in August, that was all the sudden missing from my life. 

Kyung put together a great 6 week program designed to help me fight through my struggle and it has definitely changed my life! I recommend her to any of you that want to learn ways to cope with anxiety and manage stress on your own and naturally!"

~ Derek B. from San Diago, CA

"The Holistic Healing Meditation program provided me critical reflection, introspection, and healing during a time of major transition and change in my life. HH meditation helped me get in touch with love- for and within myself, others and the world. Devoting daily time to participate in the tools and resources provided to me through the program has been a huge value and is significantly influencing the way I view my time, priorities, relationships and health. And the wonderful thing is that I will be able to continue to use and access the resources moving forward to fully, meaningfully integrate meditation into my daily practice as long as I wish. "

-Monica Armendariz, Education Consultant, Austin TX

"Taking Holistic Yoga Program (Korean Tai chi, Intestine Healing & Deep stretching) and Holistic Healing Meditation program has given me an awakening experience, an awakening moment that I have never experienced before. To connect with myself in various ways, that is physical, emotional but most important, spiritual. I have been able to experience my body movement and to be energized in a way that I cannot explain. I have never imagined that I was capable of all of these transformation in my body with my muscles, my bones, my tissues, well all of my whole being. It has been a very amazing and empowering experience for me and I thank Kyung for that. In the past, I tried to practice meditation but my mind was always scattered and not prepared to be disciplined. And the Holistic Healing Meditation program has definitely allowed me to penetrate, acknowledge and connect to my highest self, to my consciousness and sub-conscious in a very pure radiating way. It was very enlightening for my soul and for my most inner self. That has been my experience with all these beautiful practices that God has given me as a journey. Thank you, Namaste!" Claudia, Age 42, wife & mother of two young boys and business owner

After 6 Week of Holistic Yoga & Healing Meditation Program

“Before starting the program. I often felt frazzled, my energy was off and I would be frequently disturbed and tired but now I can say that I felt a lot more centered and calm after the 6 weeks with renewed energy and direction to start some new project!"

Lori, Age 48, wife and mother of two teenagers

After 6 week of Holistic Yoga & Healing Meditation Program

"I am happy to share my amazing six weeks program. My favorite is how I felt after the exercise and meditation so calm and powerful. I created and manifested a healthy body.

I am receptive to divine guidance to take action to create and manifest abundance."

Mary Figueroa, Age 61, Energy Healer & Grand Mother

I went into the private healing session not knowing what to expect and I definitely left feeling lighter and more grounded. I feel that I gained a lot of insight on what needs to be done in my daily life and to improve meditation, and I would recommend it to all my friends"

Mother & Ex-marketing professional 

I have been practicing with Kyung for over a year. She is knowledgeable, creative and tapped into a Spiritual Energy like no other with a vast repertoire of skills, teachings and practices. I have experienced her Holistic Healing Yoga energy works at different locations and in different settings (group and individual). She can and does provide individualized attention whether you are new or a 

repeat visitor, that is pivotal in this work. I was maybe 12 yr and exposed to Karate, studied several "teachings, faiths, religions" and landed in the New Thought camps where philosophy, spirituality and energy merge. REIKI, Resonate Re-patterning, Thought Field Therapy, Meditation, Visioning...all great stuff. HHY uses many and I enjoy them all especially the Holistic Yoga "work out" it so connects the Mind, Body and Soul-healthy body, happy heart, power brain! If you are not attending; you are missing out!

Kyung's classes resonate at a deeper level. Recognition of her wisdom and skill is immediate; she addresses you as an individual...your purpose, energy, and physical well being....a more valuable experience compared with a typical yoga class.."   

"I am delighted to give a testimonial to the fine and helpful work Kyung's healing session did for me on the brief (no more than an hour) that we had together. I had a cough that resembled the flu. It had been bothering me from a conference in Dallas and it was getting worse over time. I was not able to sleep much and I was listless and a bit chilled. I also has some pains in my hips. Through her use of aromatherapy, massage, stones, pads, and I don't remember what else, I was feeling great by the time I left through the rest of the day. It was astonishing!" 

Linda Yost, Age 61, Retired

“I had all this knowledge about how I could improve my life, but had difficulty doing it. I felt stuck and my energy was low. The Brain Education Class uses awakening exercises for my body & mind along with workbook assignments which opened up blockages I had subconsciously created within myself. I learned so many helpful facts about my brain and the benefits of staying active. After each session, I always felt so rejuvenated. I feel more energized, alive and I am living a more joyful and purpose driven life. I highly recommend the Brain Education Class.”

Alicia Ziegner, Licenced Massage Therapist

"I attended Kyung’s 12 week class on successful aging and it was great! An interesting combination of Korean yoga, shaking and vibrating and right/left brain exercises! Stretches mind and body! I have trained for a marathon and successfully completed it at age 61 but …found this class better for my body than all that running!!! I encourage everyone to sign up for any of Kyung’s classes. She is fantastic!!!!!"

Joan Gable, Financial professional 

"I found the Brain Education for Successful Aging series to be enjoyable, enlightening and helpful. It provided a means to improve focus, develop positive thoughts and habits as well as challenge my brain via the various physical and coloring exercises. I recommend this program for those who want to take steps to ensure a positive aging process."

 Barbara Rogers, Business Consultant

"As an International Rowing Coach, I have been very impressed by the Yoga Classes given by Kyung at the Austin Center for Holistic Healing and Yoga. I’m always on the lookout for new ways for the rowers to cross train. The “2008 Physical guidelines for Americans” stresses the need for us all to do 150 minutes of exercise weekly 

to be healthy. Three sessions a week with Kyung covers this and as the three sessions will include one of intestinal healing, one of Dahn Mu Do movement and one of deep stretching, the program is extensive, well designed and balanced. There are a variety of moves in the seventy five minute classes designed to strength the core muscles of the body and thus promote good health for now and the future. The Brain Wave Vibration section in every lesson allows us all to relax and escape the stresses of modern living but, best of all, the classes are fun. I can thoroughly recommend Holistic Healing and Yoga" - Maureen Simpson, Gold Level Coach, Amateur Rowing Association, Great Britain

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