Holistic Healing & Yoga

Restoring Your Inner Light, Your Divine Spark!

Holistic Yoga Program

Holistic Yoga Program

Release stress, Refresh energy & Restore your wholeness!

Holistic Yoga program with Kyung combines breathing and meditation with stretching and joint opening exercises designed to open your meridian channels,  to release stress, heal the mind, body and spirit and maintain holistic fitness.   

Benefits include pain relief, better sleep, weight loss and healing from many symptoms .  The program consists of  3x1hr Holistic Yoga classes (Deep stretching, Intestine Healing & DanMudo Basic Form)  practiced weekly, along with 10 minute warm-up exercises, to help you increase flexibility, balance & strength and attain inner peace. See Holistic Yoga & Meditation Program for more details of the three classes. 

Group Holistic Yoga classes at Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio 

on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:15am-11:30am 

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Group Holistic Yoga & Healing Meditation sessions at Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio

Sundays at 4pm-6pm 

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Virtual Holistic Yoga anytime you choose! 

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Members share benefits of Holistic Yoga Program:

  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Control
  • Increased flexibility, balance, strength & confidence
  • More Energy & Better sleep
  • Better Circulation & Complexion
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief
  • Injury & Back Pain Recovery
  • Healthier Organs
  • Improved Concentration & Brain Function
  • Feel More Centered and Balanced
  • Feel Inner Peace & Serenity

"I think of Holistic Yoga as Energy yoga because I feel so much energy since starting to practice Holistic Yoga.  I have been a student of traditional hatha yoga for almost 40 years and feel that Kyung's Holistic Yoga classes are a great addition to my regular program.  I love that people at any level can do and get great value out of her program.  I hate to miss a class.  I absolutely love them."     - Jan H.

"Three sessions a week of Holistic Yga Program with Kyung is extensive, well designed and balanced.  There are a variety of moves in the seventy five minute classes designed to strengthen the core muscles of the body and thus promote good health for now and the future.  The Brain Wave Vibration section of the class allows us all to relax and escape the stresses of modern living but best of all, the classes are fun.  I can thoroughly recommend Holistic Healing & Yoga"     - Maureen S.