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Are you Holistically Fit?

What is holistic fitness and why does one need it?

Holistic fitness goes beyond physical fitness to attain unity of mind, body and divine spirit in order to complete our destiny, one’s life purpose, bringing greater joy to one’s life. In fact, one can be physically fit but not necessarily be holistically fit! With an open heart and mind, one is able to discover our true nature which is peaceful and compassionate, and also to discover the infinite potential of one’s brain. Each and every one of us has a part to contribute to this world to create a better planet. The place to start is with oneself.

All human beings are born with a powerful brain and have a destiny to fulfill in this life time, but our brain can get tarnished by negative life experiences. However, when we have a dream, our brain is able to recover its original power, its original state of perfection. Almost everyone has some idea of what they would like to be like physically, mentally and spiritually, and if we can visualize it, feel it and be it, we can manifest it by taking right actions. Through regular practice of yoga and meditation, we are able to attain contentment and clarity in our state of being and are able to focus our minds in creating the reality of our dreams thus finding our soul’s purpose and achieving our dreams. To that end Holistic Healing & Yoga offers a unique combination of programs designed to help our clients maintain their holistic fitness to promote inner peace for health & vitality.  In addition to regular practice of Holistic Yoga and Healing meditation programs, HHY offers Master Heart Coaching Program to help our clients realize their dreams and Aikido practice which is a form of healing marshal arts that allows participants to experience unification of mind, body, and spirit whilst working with a partner.   Check out the website to learn more about the introductory webinar on HHY programs

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