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Healing the mind, body & spirit and restoring your wholeness & mindfulness


We, at Holistic Healing & Yoga, help courageous individuals just like you restore their inner light, divine spark through a unique combination of holistic yoga and holistic healing meditation programs. 

 The programs are delivered through live video sessions online as well as through recorded video & audio sessions.

Our goal is to help you recover your wholeness, your natural state of being which we define as a state of being where you are physically energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned.

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Join us on our Healing Journey, Envisioning a World where Everyone Thrives!

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This is the story of a daughter, a mother, a wife and a sister, whose world was turned upside down when tragedy struck her family. Tragedy takes many forms but it always has the same effect, it tears at the very fabric of our lives threatening to tear us, and those around us, apart.

Kyung found the meditation practice she had used for years to help her survive and prosper as an IT consultant, was not sufficient to overcome the pain and grief she felt. Deciding to seek a healing path, she embraced and experienced many healing and meditation practices, becoming an energy healer herself and discovering that harmony she sought had been hidden within her all along, ready to be manifested as divine energy at any moment.

In writing her story and clearly describing the seven practices for harmonious living that she used in her own healing journey, she now shares them with those who like her refuse to succumb to despair.

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