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Community Open House

Community Open House

When: Sunday, Sept 13th, 2015 1:00pm-5:00pm 

Where: 6507 Jester Blvd, Suite 504, Austin, TX 78750

We, Holistic Healing & Yoga, Sole Songs Dane Academy and Austin Dance India have come together to create a community open house event.

Our intention for this day is to celebrate our community for the fall season and to offer demonstration of dances & tai chi along with free yoga and aikido classes. Donations will be accepted for the classes and demos and the funds raised on that day will be donated to local charity.

1pm - Registration & Potluck

Bring your favorite dish to share. Kindly keep it to those dishes that are easy to clean up after. There will be drawing of the local charity to receive the donations raised that day.

2pm - Dance Demo by SSDA

2:45pm - Bharata Natyam dance of India 

Experience Bharata Natyam dance of India with the Student Ensemble of Austin Dance India. Enjoy the grounded foot stamps and hand symbols that create healing energy by expressing different emotions and creating beautiful patterns.

3:30pm - Korean Tai chi demo followed by Holistic Yoga with Kyung

Experience DanMuDo Basic Form, we call it Korean Tai chi and some of the elements of Holistic Yoga and feel the flow of cosmic energy in your body, uniting with cosmic mind and spirit.

4:15pm - Art of Peace - Aikido introduction with Seagan

Join Seagan for an introductory class. A beginner can expect to be taught how to participate in practice, in a friendly supportive environment, without injury or competition just as O’Sensei intended. At the same time they will acquire skills in a subtle and powerful Martial Art.

If you are interested in participating or volunteering for the event, kindly contact Kyung by completing the form below.


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