Holistic Healing & Yoga

Restoring Your Inner Light, Your Divine Spark!

~ Private Introductory Session with Kyung ~

Ready to schedule a Private Introductory Session with Kyung via Video conference call?

What is it?

If you are interested in Holistic Yoga and you have not practiced yoga before, start by signing up for this session.  You will be guided through exercises and your current condition will be checked for:

  • Flexibility and balance
  • Stress levels
  • Mind-body coordination

Otherwise, Kyung will discuss other options with you.

Please allow 45min-1hr for the session.   

Click below to schedule an online video session with Kyung for $25

If you have not practiced yoga before, start by signing up for a Private Introductory Session.  
We respect minimum of 24 hour cancelation policy.

Thank you & Namaste!

Kyung Yi-O'Kelly

Your Partner in Our Healing Journey

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