Holistic Healing & Yoga

Restoring Your Inner Light, Your Divine Spark!

Divine Spark Allies Campaign is about creating a new reality on Earth!  If you are willing & able to express & share your story and vision with us, join us on this amazing adventure!  

DSA Project is to create a technologically advanced online platform designed:
1) to connect healers/teachers with their clients & available healing spaces with the healers/teachers, making payment & scheduling process pain free, 
2) to provide Gift card exchange, a new way of connecting & exchanging your gifts.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible to experience an improved state of mind, health and wellbeing through Holistic Arts practice so we can help co-create heaven on Earth. Join us as a Founding Member, a Gift card Holder or a Supporter & add your divine spark to the fire.  Donations of any amount are gratefully welcomed. Join us without contributing money by sharing your story & vision of heaven on Earth and/or by referring 3 or more Founding members!  

Donate any amount of your choice here!  We will keep you posted of our progress at least monthly in the coming months!  

Pre-Order 1 Year DSA Founding Membership for $275 (27% off $375 +$99 setup fee waived!) and receive eBook and HHM program as a bonus!