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Seagan Yi-O'Kelly
Aikido Instructor

Live classes at ZenATX on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:30pm-9:45pm   
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With four decades of martial arts training that includes 16 years of Aikido training, Seagan has been teaching Aikido in Austin, Texas, since 2010.   
This dojo practices Aikido as the Art of Peace, Aikidoka of all skill levels are accommodated and beginners are welcome.  A beginner can expect to be taught how to participate in practice, in a friendly supportive environment, without injury or competition just as O’Sensei intended, and the late Henry Kono Sensei taught. At the same time they will acquire skills in a subtle and powerful Martial Art.   

Morihei Ueshiba called his new budo Aikido and described it as the Art of Peace.  The instructor counts Henry Kono Sensei as his most influential teacher and therefore develops each student’s ability and skills using the methods and guidelines taught by this great teacher.

Seagan began his martial arts training in 1971 in South Africa, his Karate teachers; Conrad Scheepers Sensei and Clive Himsworth Sensei were personal students of Kanazawa Sensei and Kase Sensei respectively. He joined the Seido style of Karate in 1991 and trained under George Wong Sensei current head of Seido Karate in South Africa. He began his Aikido training under Michael Park Sensei in 2001 after moving to the USA. He subsequently assisted James Woods Sensei at the rising Spirit dojo in Plano, Texas before moving to Austin in 2009. He is indebted to all his teachers for the insights and instruction they have unstintingly given him

Contact Seagan to enroll or for more information by text or email at 469-235-4401 or [email protected].