Holistic Healing & Yoga

Restoring Your Inner Light, Your Divine Spark!

Our Mission:

To share time & space for healing & creation, restoring our inner peace, love, wisdom & power to live our passion with grace & ease and to realize our dreams.  We  offer unique combination of programs through practice of yoga, meditation & master heart coaching as well as ongoing aikido programs.

Our Beliefs:

* We are divine spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body and creating our realities as  human being living on Earth

* Our natural state of being is infinite, healing, loving, peaceful, creative and abundant and our individual realities are experienced according to the thoughts, emotions & beliefs projected through our brains and through our actions, i.e. through our words and deeds

* We have chosen to be born on Earth to experience adventure and fun in realizing our dreams and have infinite capacity to change our realities and realize our dreams, co-creating our realities with the Divine spirit

* Our healing journey is restoring our inner light, our divine spark and expanding & growing the light to heal that part of ourselves that is not at ease and choosing to experience adventure and fun in realizing our dreams, and to hold that space for others to do the same.

Our Services:

* Introductory Workshops & Tele-seminars (available online - click here to learn more)

* Holistic Yoga Program ( Ongoing online group program)

* Holistic Healing Meditation Program (6 wk group programs both online & live in person)

* Private Healing/Coaching sessions (All programs are available through private sessions)

* HHY Retreat Program in Special locations around the world (Click here to learn more)

* Master Heart Group Program (12 months)

* Aikido training program (ongoing)

Our Practitioners:

Kyung Sun Yi-O'Kelly  

Certified Dahn (Energy) Healer & Holistic Yoga Coach, Bilingual in English & Korean

With more than 20 years of yoga & meditation practice,  Kyung has been practicing  as a professional healer & instructor and life coach since 2009, infusing traditional wisdom with modern treatment, through natural healing principles, highly effective treatments are obtained from holistic fitness classes and private healing & coaching sessions consisting of stretching exercises, deep relaxation techniques, breathing and meditation. From this well rounded practice, numerous people, both young and old have experienced healing of general discomfort and pain, back/neck/shoulder stiffness, depression and anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, and numerous other symptoms.   Click here to read her story.

Live Online classes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 9am-10:15am(CST) via Video conference.

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Aikido Instructor

With four decades of martial arts training that includes 14 years of Aikido training, Seagan has been teaching Aikido since 2010.  
This dojo practices Aikido as the Art of Peace, Aikidoka of all skill levels are accommodated and beginners are welcome.  A beginner can expect to be taught how to participate in practice, in a friendly supportive environment, without injury or competition just as O’Sensei intended. At the same time they will acquire skills in a subtle and powerful Martial Art.   Click here to read more about Seagan's Aikido classes 

Live classes at Mind Body Yoga on Tuesdays at 7:45pm-8:45pm & Thursdays at 8:30pm-9:30pm.  Free trial classes!