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We, at Holistic Healing & Yoga, help courageous individuals just like you restore their inner peace, love, wisdom & power for health & vitality to realize their dreams through a unique combination of yoga, meditation & master heart coaching programs as well as ongoing aikido program.  The programs are delivered through both Group & Private sessions and Retreats as well as through teleconferences and online Virtual Studio & Audio Recordings.  

Our goal is to help you recover your wholeness, your natural state of being, which we define as a state of being where you are physically energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned.

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A series of losses and personal tragedies threatened to tear Kyung and her family apart.

Discovering her divine spark within was the key and then her seven practices liberated her.

Heaven is real—we just have to release the divine spark within us, and every delight in life can begin to manifest. Banish stress and negativity! The seven practices outlined in this book will show you that heaven is closer than it seems.

Take it from author Kyung S. Yi-O’Kelly. Despite material success, a series of losses and personal tragedies threatened to tear her and her family apart. Being insensitive, critical, impatient, short-tempered, and controlling toward the people around her did not help. Worst of all, she was totally unaware of herself.

But she found hope—in meditation, in yoga, and in learning that love is the driving force of the universe. As you follow on her journey of self-healing, you’ll discover how to find peace and liberate yourself from the pessimism, grief, and doubt that have been holding you back.

The steps are here, within easy reach. All you have to do is take them!

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